Green Party Candidate for
Don Valley East

Dan Turcotte is a director, strategist and executive producer. He is the owner and operator of Pet Shop Productions, an award-winning strategy and content production company that focuses on ethical work to entertain and educate Canadians. He is passionate about bettering the world for his baby daughter's future.

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About Dan

For 25 years I've worked in Toronto as a director, strategist and music composer. My career had given me amazing access to the stories of Torontonians, as well as their hopes and fears. After watching this city grow so much, and growing with it, I feel ready to try and contribute back to the place and people that have given me so much.

Ontario is such a beautiful place with so much opportunity. I've been lucky enough to mountain bike, motocross and hike so many forests across southern Ontario. I've also traveled the world over for work and have been constantly reminded how lucky we are to live in a place with so much space, fresh water, biodiversity and agricultural potential. Now we need to focus on protecting it while we still have it.

Like so many other Canadians, I've become distrusting of many of the promises made to us by government officials. I've also become uncertain that people's best interests are coming before corporate interests. I know it's time to be proactive and be the change.

We all need to work together to get our country on track for the future. As a Green MP, my focus will be on:

  • Working to build an economy that is ready for the tech immersed future

  • Calling for a fair proportional representation system to make EVERY vote... YOUR VOTE, count.

  • find solutions for affordable housing,

  • defending the remaining nature and preserving the things that give Canada it's unparalleled beauty

  • and giving power back to the people that will make decisions for the good of the people, not for political gain.


No one candidate is a solution to these issues. No one leader has all the answers, but a vote for our Green movement is a vote that the people want a representative that works for them.

I believe a true leader listens and serves. I'm looking forward to meeting more wonderful people in our riding and learning how to best work with them to make our better future a certainty.



Dan Turcotte, Candidate for Don Valley East with Elizabeth May at Toronto Pride, 2019

Canadians in this election, more than ever, can vote from hope and from conviction, not from fear.

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